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'My Dream, My Journey' - Follow us to Japan and make your dream trip come true. This company with a perfect blend of Japanese sophistication and Singaporean ingenuity - Follow Me Japan - is dedicated to offer you the Best of Japan. With our rich history of more than 30 years of experience and heartfelt commitment, we have built a strong reputation of offering the highest quality customized Japan holiday tours with your interests at heart.

As the pioneer in introducing the much sought after, unique and seasonal 'Fly & Drive' tours, Follow Me Japan is constantly innovative in crating products that will enhance your travel experience. From 'Free & Easy' packages for intrepid and adventurous travel to 'Coach' tours designed for families, you will definitely be spoilt for choice and find one that you can call your own.

Every travel experience is assured of responsive and personalized service, well-appointed traditional or modern accommodation and  an assortment of the freshest and tastiest Japanese cuisines. Today, our company is synonymous with professionalism and excellence, both in itinerary as well as customer service, made possible by our unwavering objective of understanding our customers and delivering the best to you.



Visit Japan for an unforgettable experience.

From Singapore, a direct flight to Japan is less than 7 hours and, with only one hour time difference, there's no jet lag. Importantly Japan boasts a high level of public safety, which means peace of mind for the overseas visitor. With its unique blend of the modern and the traditional - from the fast pace of modern industry, business, fashion, entertainment and the lingering elegance of history and culture - Japan truly is a wonderful holiday destination. Japan is also known as a country of stunning  natural beauty, boasting a number of World Heritage sites, including the exquisite temples of Kyoto and Nara and the charming thatched roof dwelling of Takayama. The distinctive seasons of Japan highlight nature's grace, whether tinted with warm autumn colors or topped with snow. In spring, the famous cherry blossoms delight the senses.


About Fly & Drive Tours

What is a better way to experience Japan than a personalized road trip where you can enjoy Japan's scenic wonders and historical depths at your own pace? Follow Me Japan is proud to be the pioneer in introducing 'Fly & Drive' tours to Singapore. With the freedom of choosing your places that you are interested in, assisted by our dedicated staff and reliable GPS system in your car, this will truly bring you to the next realm of travel experience. So take a bold step and experience FREEDOM in your next travel with us - FMJ Fly & Drive  style.


About Coach Tours

If you prefer a hassle-free travel experience with a difference, Follow Me Japan has the answer. Each of our coach tours is carefully crafted and designed to give you anple time to enjoy breathtaking views, taste local cuisines and participate in fun filled activities that Japan has to offer...it will truly be an unforgettable journey from start to end and that's our promise! So come and experience Japan with us - FMJ style.





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Ven Nishimura
Managing Director
Prime Travel & Tour Pte. Ltd.


When Ven Nishimura (or Ven-san), 69, Managing Director of Prime Travel & Tour Pte. Ltd., talks about his company and his achievements, he seems like a 21 year-old.  Enthusiastic and full of ideas and aspirations for the travel industry, it is hard to keep up as to what his mind is racing to do next.  Hailing from Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, made history with Singapore Airlines in his earlier years when he was the first to initiate direct flights between Singapore and Tokyo.  Brimming with determination to increase passenger traffic from Singapore to Japan, he started Prime Travel & Tour Pte. Ltd. in 1979.  He worked hard to establish his company as the foremost expert on travel to Japan.  Together with his daughter, Risa, they introduced Follow Me Japan to stimulate and promote tourism to Japan.  Soon, his accomplishments were recognized and he became a roving ambassador for the island of Hokkaido and a frequent speaker on the travel industry circuit.
When it comes to work, Ven-san commands loyalty by giving loyalty.  A recent survey marveled that 75% of the staff has been with the company for 5 years or more.  But he questions whether he needs to challenge his staff to strive for better, remarking that “perhaps, they’re too comfortable!”  Clearly, he wants his staff to share his work ethos to be the best that one can be.
This philosophical nature of Ven-san, permeates all aspects of his daily life and it is infectious.  To him, the goal of life is to be able to contribute “perfectly” to society.  And by “perfectly”, he means that that perfection that constantly drives us to unknown areas and pushes us beyond the limitations that we subconsciously set for ourselves.  He quizzes, “You need to ask yourself, ‘Did you live?, if the answer is ‘No’, then you are not done yet.”
As for the continuity of the company, Ven-san understands that people come and go, but what remains are the values that transcend boundaries; and which need to be communicated to all who work with him.  He frequently reminds that one needs to consider different opinions and perspectives, “If you are a circle and I am a square, and we use a straight ruler to measure our worth, you are only going to see one of my 3 sides, and I am only going to see a single point of your entire circumference.  You know what we need?  We need some string.”

(from Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2013 - SINGAPORE'S SUCCESS STORIES)


"See, Unseen.  
  Read, Unread.  Know, Unknown.
  Do, Undone."

  Ven K. Nishimura


西村紘一 にしむらこういち
1943年12月8日、熊本県生まれ。1968年にノースウェスト航空(大阪支社)に入社、70年、シンガポール航空(大阪支社)に入社。課長、次長、西日本営業部長、マネージャージャパン(日本支社)を歴任。77年、シンガポール本社へ異動、アジア支社長付。80年にプライムトラベル(Prime Travel Tour P/L)を設立。現在は同社の代表取締役社長。シンガポールからの訪日旅行促進に大きく貢献し2008年、国土交通省からYOKOSO! JAPAN大使(現VISIT JAPAN大使)に任命される。







   6月16日私はシンガポール、マレーシア、タイに続き、インドネシアに新会社を立ち上げた(注)。これでようやくアセアンと日本の交流を更に促進する 4本目の橋が完成した。





(注: 2012年6月16日、ジャカルタ市内に営業所を開設したが、2013年11月末を以って閉鎖した。)


























反発の理由は、会社をトップにした最も誇りに思う10人の部下の気持ちを理解していないと思ったからだ。だが、私は日本支社長の補佐として東京で再採用される。彼は言った。「西村は首にした。しかし VEN(私の通称)を雇った」と。「士は己を知る者の為に死ぬ」と解し、2日後に赴任。実質SIAの日本人トップとなる。32歳。後に本社アジア部へ転出。東京-シンガポールの直行便実現が私を突き動かした。







   1989年には現在のプライムクルーズアジアという豪華船の世界航路を販売する会社を立ち上げ、23年目に入る。そして日本行き専門の旅行ブランド「FOLLOW ME JAPAN」を2000年に立ち上げ12年目となる。このすべての会社総勢100人弱が今日のプライムトラベルグループである。


   2001年であったと思う。娘の理佐がプライム本体のプライムトラベルを「継ぎたくない。怒りますか」と聞いてきた。私は「怒るよ」と答える。私に言いだすのに何年も疑問を持って我慢していたからだ。そのことを叱るも「好きなことをやれ」と答える。理佐は日本行きツアーを大きくし「日本とシンガポールの人と人との交流」をしたいと言う。彼女はそこから始まったFMJを2008年独立会社「Follow Me Japan」の社長となるまでに育て上げる。社員15名ほどになったFMJは2010年に送客5千人を超え、年商10億円台に伸び、40億円の売り上げがあるプライム本体を利益で追い抜く。


   日本初の外国人ドライブツアー。そこに私は160人乗りのA320機をチャーターし、満席で札幌へ第一便を出す。千歳空港ではレンタカー49台が迎えた。2005年に2~300台だった外国人レンタカー市場は10年で道内1万台を超える。2005年が北海道ブームの元年であった。その成果が評価され、  2008年国交省より「YOKOSO JAPAN大使」に任命された。






   今般、「若者の為に」と本欄を書かせてもらった。山だと思い超えてきた山は、振り返れば丘でもあった。苦しくて当たり前。悩まぬ人生もなし、ましてや今の世の中。人は困らなければ動けない、それなら困ったことを幸せだと自分に言い聞かすこと。何故なら困ると何とかしようと考える。若い人は辛い道と楽な道があれば、辛い道を選んでほしい。あとに知恵が蓄積されるから。 最後に、私が新婚間もない27歳の時、妻に送った分を原文で載せ、若い人へのメッセージに替える。「心病める時あらば読むべし」の題で。






「外国人客  呼ぶ秘訣は  体験重視、地元と交流」(日本経済新聞朝刊)


Photo: Cruise Train Senven Stars ©Terunobu Utsunomiya


The Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award

Mr. Ven K. Nishimura, Chairman, Prime Travel & Tour Pte. Ltd. will receive the Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award in 2015 for his tremendous contribution to the Japan-bound travel business for 35 years in Singapore, especially for increasing Singaporean repeaters to Japan by creating high-quality of rent-a-car travels, through his innovative, challenging and dauntless spirit as the industry leader.

The award ceremony will be held on the 1st of October, 2015 in Tokyo.


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