1. What membership programmes does FMJ currently offer, and what are the differences?

    FMJ offers two lifetime membership programmes - FMJ Club and the exclusive FMJ Society. FMJ Club membership is open to both new and existing customers of FMJ. FMJ Society membership is extended on an invite-only basis.

    As a Member, customers get to earn and accumulate Points with every dollar (S$1) spent for any FMJ product. They can then redeem these Points for FMJ vouchers.

    Members who participate in a PQP activity during their birthday month will also be entitled to the Birthday Month Promotion, where they will receive an additional S$150 (FMJ Society) and $100 (FMJ Club) discounts. Only the birthday person will be entitled to the Birthday Month Promotion.

  2. What are the PQP, xPQP & nPQP?

    PQP, or Full Points Qualifying Product, refer to FMJ products which Members can purchase to earn Points. PQP purchases refer to ‘Fly & Drive’, ‘Coach Tour’, ‘Charter’, ‘Tailor-made Tour’, ‘Cruise Tour’, ‘Gold’ or ‘Silver’ packages only.

    xPQP (Low Points Qualifying Product) purchases refer to ‘Incentive’, ‘Free & Easy’, ‘Online JR Pass’, ‘JR Pass’, ‘Theme Park’, ‘Hotel’, ‘Air Ticket’, ‘Insurance’, ‘Unit Sales’, ‘Land/Day Tour’, ‘WIFI Rental’, ‘iPad Rental’, ‘Car Rental’, and ‘Best Value’ packages.

    nPQP (Non Points Qualifying Product) purchases refer to purchase of ‘travel voucher’ or promotional products that are specified as “non-PQP/nPQP product”.

  3. How do I enrol as a FMJ Club Member?

    If you have purchased at least one PQP with FMJ before, you will be automatically enrolled in FMJ Club as a Member. However, you will need to register online via FMJ’s official website or mobile apps to confirm your Membership status.

    New customers can enrol anytime via FMJ’s official website or mobile apps. No purchase is necessary.

  4. How do I enrol as a FMJ Society Member?

    FMJ Society is an exclusive membership programme given to selected customers. Membership is strictly by invitation only.

  5. What if I choose not to enrol as a FMJ Club or FMJ Society Member?

    To help non-Members stay up-to-date on the latest promotions and events, we will automatically include you in our mailing list if you have purchased at least one non-PQP item with us or enquired any tour information before. However, you are welcomed to unsubscribe at any time via our FMJ website or the email.

  6. As a Member, what can I use my earned Points for?

    You can redeem your Points for FMJ vouchers. These vouchers may be used to exchange for any product under FMJ, including PQP, xPQP and non-PQP products. Please note that your vouchers cannot be exchanged for product(s) under Prime Travel & Tour Pte Ltd or Prime Cruise Asia Pte Ltd.

  7. What is the Points earning rate like? And what is the voucher redemption rate like for Points?

    Both FMJ Club and FMJ Society Members earn 1 Point for every S$1 spent on a PQP or xPQP purchase.

    FMJ Club Members may redeem Points at a 0.5% conversion rate (e.g. 10,000 Points = S$50 voucher). For FMJ Society Members, they may redeem Points at a special 1% conversion rate (e.g. 10,000 Points for S$100 voucher). The minimum amount per redemption is S$10 voucher.

    Currently vouchers can only be redeemed from the counter. In the near future, Members can also choose to redeem their vouchers online by directly offsetting their purchases through FMJ’s website (development in progress).

  8. How do I check my current Points status, and when can I expect to see my Points credited to my account?

    You can check your accumulated Points via the official FMJ web portal and mobile apps (Google Play & Apple App Store)

    Points earned from PQPs/xPQPs will be automatically credited to your account within 7 days after the PQP/xPQP activity ends provided that full payment has been made prior to tour departure

  9. Can I transfer my Points and/or vouchers to another person? Is there an expiry date to my Points and vouchers?

    Points and vouchers are strictly non-transferrable. Please note that Points and vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or Points.

    Both FMJ Club and FMJ Society Points will expire 24 months from their issue date. Vouchers are valid for up to 6 months from issue date.

  10. Can I exchange other free gifts and non-voucher rewards?

    Free gifts and rewarded items are strictly non-exchangeable, non-refundable and/or non-transferable. All are on a first-come-first-served basis and while stocks last. This applies to both Members and non-Members. Gifts and rewards are also not covered under warranty unless specified otherwise.

  11. What if I purchase PQPs/xPQPs for my family and they are non-Members? Am I entitled to earn Points on their behalf?

    No. A Member is only entitled to earn Points for PQP/xPQP purchases made for him/herself. It is therefore highly recommended that the Member’s family join FMJ Club in order to qualify for the Points in full.

  12. Can I sign my children and/or parents up for FMJ Club membership on their behalf?

    Yes. Simply use your child/parent’s NRIC or birth certificate number, and date of birth. For parents, you will need their contact details to register on their behalf as well.

  13. What documents do I need to show to earn or redeem Points if I am a walk-in customer?

    To earn Points for purchases, Members are required to show their NRIC / birth certificate / passport / work permit or pass / member card / virtual member card to the attending FMJ staff.

    To redeem Points for vouchers, Members are required to show their NRIC / birth certificate / passport / work permit or pass to the attending FMJ staff.

  14. Do I get a membership card and do I need to bring it with me for redemption and/or purchases?

    For greater convenience, both FMJ Club and FMJ Society Members need to show their virtual membership card on FMJ’s mobile apps for redemption and/or purchases (please refer to Question 13 for other documents).

    However, FMJ Society Members will receive an additional physical membership card as a bonus perk. The replacement fee for lost or stolen cards is $50. A damaged card may be replaced for free when the old card is returned.